Our Story

The Brand Story 
Rethread is a sustainable fashion brand selling three categories of clothing. Redesigned (upcycled), Sustainably made & Pre-loved garments. 
We believe in the contemporary closet. One that is made up of clothing that is new, vintage, pre-loved, designer & locally crafted. The modern women curates her closet thoughtfully from all of these categories, and we want our collection to be representative of that.  
So, how are we sustainable? 
Using Waste as a Resource: Our main method of design is up-cycling. We source existing garments from thrift & charity stores and redesign them to give them a new life. Through this process, we keep garments out of landfill.
Locally Made in Small Quantities: All garments that are made from new materials, are produced by women in our local community and in small quantities - to reduce waste and dead stock.
Carbon Neutral Delivery: All your orders are shipped in 100% bio degradable packaging, promising you carbon neutral delivery. Check out https://mieliemailer.com/ to read more.