Our Story

The Brand Story 
Rethread is sustainable clothing brand selling upcycled, sustainably made & second hand pieces. Our primary focus is developing innovative ways to reduce waste in the fashion industry by using what is already in circulation through up cycling. We also make a small collection of new garments, which is produced locally in small quantities, (to reduce waste & dead stock) & ultimately uplift & support local craftsmanship. At Rethread our mission is to do good & dress better, and help you do the same!
So, how are we sustainable? 
Using Waste as a Resource: Our main method of design is up-cycling. We source existing garments from thrift & charity stores and redesign them to give them a new life. Through this process, we keep garments out of landfill.
Locally Made in Small Quantities: All garments that are made from new materials, are produced by women in our local community and in small quantities - to reduce waste and dead stock.
Carbon Neutral Delivery: All your orders are shipped in 100% bio degradable packaging, promising you carbon neutral delivery. Check out https://mieliemailer.com/ to read more.